Meet the Family

Proprietors: Shalom House Bed & Breakfast is owned and operated by Margaret and Hank House.

OUR GRANDKIDS TYLER and SHIVER are the real bosses! Tyler (girl) , born in September of ’09, is being home schooled and is already in the ninth grade.  She loves  cats, and is a great tour guide.
Shiver is now nine. He is in third grade as a homeschool student. He loves anything about pythons and watches snake videos when I let him. He prefers fishing or hunting to sleeping or eating. Deer, squirrel, turkey, rabbit, or frog gigging. He got to talk to Dusty Crum with the show “Guardian of the Glades”. That was a highlight of his seven year old life!! They talked hunting and fishing and snakes.
Selah Jean arrived in March of ’17.  She lives near Athens with her little sister, Arlie Ruth. (Nov ’18). And a brother sibling (Arrow) was added in May of 2020.   These younguns are just toooo far away to see regularly. But I predict some added miles to the cars in days to come.

Make your reservations soon to join us.


Blake:  Blake is a yellow lab. Wonderful pedigree although I’m unable to cite all the particulars. He was a gift because he is so good with the kids.

Marley: Marley is a white lab who kept escaping from her fence down the road and ending at our house. We decided to keep her and the neighbor was willing to oblige. She is good with the kids but she hasn’t learned yet to fetch the bucket lid from the pond. She just tries to drown Blake (not really) when he is in the pond fetching it.

Coco: Coco is our tortoise shell cat who is learning to be a lap cat. Since we lost Pogo, her buddy, recently, she has become a little more needy and we are loving that she will now jump in our lap and give us some of the loving that her buddy Pogo used to. Pogo was the bob tail cat with thick grey fur who claimed kingship over the property the past ten years. He got sick recently and apparently had used up all nine lives, because we couldn’t pull him thru. We are still sad. Coco is 12 years old.

Chico: Chico is our “five hundred dollar cat”. Not that I would ever pay $500 for a cat, but it just kind of happened. First she was a rescue and came with a fee. Then she had a fungus which came with a vet bill. Then she fell out of a tree or got injured somehow and broke her pelvic bone AND knocked her leg out of the hip socket. That also came with a vet bill, x-ray and morphine included. Add it all up – I have a very beautiful expensive cat. Can’t wait for you to meet her!!!  You can’t tell she was ever injured. She has learned to do everything she wants with NO problem!!

Lizard the cat: Lizard appeared one day, walked in, looked around, and said, “This will do nicely, Thank you.” Don’t know where he came from, but apparently he knew where he was going and he found us!! A beautiful black and white Tuxedo cat with fairly decent manners. He’ll let you pet him on the ears and head – but don’t mess with his belly!!!

The Fowl: These fowl are called guineas. They can make a ruckus if they are disturbed by local wildlife. So if you hear them making a fuss, how about running down to the barn to chase off the fox or whatever is bothering them.

Ducks: We hope to have  hatchlings this year. Did you know that a one day old hatchling can swim underwater and bob up at the most unpredictable places? I ought to Youtube that.

•Chickens and goats:  We have chickens laying eggs, a rooster crowing, mama, daddy and baby goats. They’re all fun to watch. Please feed them your vegan food scraps and they’ll be your friends for life. (Really, just as long as you have food!)


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