Meet the Family

Proprietors: Shalom House Bed & Breakfast is owned and operated by Margaret and Hank House.

OUR GRANDBABIES TYLER and SHIVER are the real bosses! Tyler (girl) is eight years old, born in September of ’09. She is being home schooled and is already in the third grade.  She supervises Papa at the barn where she collects chicken eggs, feeds the goats and chums up the fish with store bought bread. She is a regular tour guide anymore as she knows where all the feed is and what animal gets it! She also knows which electric fence is “hot”. She can catch a fish and can take a fish off the hook. I’ve seen her give children (and adults) “fishing lessons’ and then get to join in the fun of watching someone catch their first fish!
Shiver is now four. He loves outdoor trips to the barn! We let him go to pre-school every morning which he “hates”, but is always smiling in the candid photos taken by his teachers. Hmmmm, what does that mean?
Selah Jean just arrived in March and has already stolen our hearts. She lives near Athens. This beautiful and happy baby is just toooo far away to see regularly. But I predict some added miles to the cars in days to come.

Make your reservations soon to join us. It’s going to be good weather for the firepit soon which is asking for you to come and roast Yum-Yums. That’s what Tyler used to call those puffy white sugary things.
Come sit on the swing under the elm tree. The fish are biting. Bring or ask for bug spray.


Biscuit: Biscuit is the little dog we keep waiting to grow up. They told Hank at the flea market where he paid a whopping $15 bucks for her, that she was half lab and half retriever. You’d think ONE day she’d finally grow up. Well, she’s Tyler’s sweetheart anyway, even if she’s just a mutt.

Blake:  Blake is a yellow lab. Wonderful pedigree although I’m unable to cite all the particulars. He was a gift because he is so good with Tyler.

Marley: Marley is a white lab who kept escaping from her fence down the road and ending at our house. We decided to keep her and the neighbor was willing to oblige. She is good with the kids but she hasn’t learned yet to fetch the bucket lid from the pond. She just tries to drown Blake (not really) when he is in the pond fetching it.

Pogo: A previous barn kitten, now he is the king of the yard. He is rather big, has no tail and his robe is very soft and fluffy. He wears his royalty well. Pogo sometimes doubles as a pillow for Shiver. He will beg to come in the Pond House – and you are NOT to let him! The little beggar.

Coco: Tyler has trained Coco well. She purrs often. She let Tyler ride her in the baby stroller at 90 miles per hour for a long time. Don’t know if she allows it now. She actually could sleep thru it!

Emma: Emma is our newest cat. Born at Tyler’s house last March (Selah’s age), I claimed her when I realized that I was going to HAVE to take a kitten. So I picked a cute little gray kitten and began to pet and spoil it. This is the softest cat I’ve ever had – and a genuine “lap cat”. Later when we realized that Emma is a boy cat I wanted to change his name but Tyler refuses to call him anything but Emma. I think his real name is Sir Earl the Grey.

The Fowl: These fowl are called guineas. They can make a ruckus if they are disturbed by local wildlife. So if you hear them making a fuss, how about running down to the barn to chase off the fox or whatever is bothering them.

Ducks: We hoped to have more surviving hatchlings this year than last but we didn’t make it. We were out of town when they were hatched and didn’t get the little fellows captured and protected soon enough. We love the “duck derbys” when we have to round them up right after they’re hatched. Did you know that a one day old hatchling can swim underwater and bob up at the most unpredictable places? I ought to Youtube that.

•Chickens and goats:  We have chickens laying eggs, a rooster crowing, mama, daddy and baby goats. They’re all fun to watch. Please feed them your vegan food scraps and they’ll be your friends for life. (Really, just as long as you have food!)

The Youngun’s: The kids are out of the house now. We have the grand kids during the weekdays. Tyler is homeschooled. Shiver is keeping homeschool interupted. What a challenge!
Benji is living in Atlanta. He has double bachelor degrees from FSU. He is in the thrift store business with a very respectable company. He is also an army reservist.
Jonathan finished his master’s degree in accounting at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. He and his wife Ashley are currently in Athens, GA,  guiding people to good investments. Jonathan actually works sometimes, that is if he is not snowboarding, fishing or taking trips to Cancun! (Just picking at you Jonathan!) Ashley is studying counseling, has a compassionate heart. She will be a huge asset for helping people. Jonathan and Ashley got me a new grandbaby in March!! It’s a GIRL. Selah Jean. She is a beautiful and happy baby.
Keri is married to Chance. She works in Adel as an accountant and is busy with online school where she intends to get a master’s in accounting and then become a CMA. She is a dancer and helps with a local dance studio. Chance is a plumber and is now a “MASTER” plumber. One of the youngest in the state!!! They’re the ones who gave us the two Tifton grandkids.
Kayli finished a second degree of her college career. Two bachelor degrees. Good job girl! She moved to Athens and works with her brother Jonathan as a Suntrust Bank financial advisor. She is amazingly smart and talented and is also a dancer like her sister.
Then there’s Melanie. She lives in Atlanta and is perhaps the most courageous of us all. She is legally blind but manages to live alone, work at Publix bagging groceries and go wherever she wants in the Big A. Incredible. I don’t know if I could make it to the bathroom if I had on a blindfold.

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