Things you might see on our breakfast table (If you have a preference please let us know a few days before check-in. Also let us know of any dietary restrictions.) Each day is usually chef’s choice unless you direct us differently.

• Waffles served with Tifton hand picked blueberries and real whipped cream
• Eggs, toast, beef sausage, grits
• Crustless quiche
• Sausage and biscuits with gravy
• Made from scratch organic biscuits
• Pancakes
• Scrambled Omelette:  cheese, onion, tomato, pepper, jalepeno.
• Blueberry (or cherry) Surprise French Toast
• Denver omelette, herb baked eggs or dutch eggs.
• Ham steak with mushrooms
• Peach pancake
• Experimental menus. See what the cook might be cooking up! Ask about the latest taste test. Hey – we made popovers one day! That was fun!

On the healthier side:
• Gluten-free: We do two of our recipes gluten free upon request. Sometimes we ask you to bring the bread if you want the blueberry surprise french toast.
• Goldilocks organic stone ground corn meal porridge served with cream or coconut milk and maple syrup
•Wheatless pancakes or waffles. Made with multiple whole grains and natural nutrition. They’ve made it past my kid’s tastebuds!
• Vegan options: We can do cooked or uncooked oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, nuts, raisins; egg and milk-free french toast; vegan pancakes; oven baked sweet potatoes; who knows what other concoctions might be available by the time you get here!
• Fruit or green “smoothies” (I call them sludge) are made on occasion by special request only.

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