Call for our discounted rates. We sometimes discount weekdays for those traveling because of their employment.
These offers are not valid for Friday and Saturday nights.

On the internet you can find us listed with some third party vendors. Be aware that when you book through them it will cost you more because of service fees. You can book here.


The Cabin
We call it the “Pond House.” Originally built to provide us a place to live while we remodeled the main house. We’ve also used it to host fish fries, family reunions, church covered dish suppers and teenage gatherings. This is an 800 square foot cabin with a/c, kitchen, bath, and loft. It is built with lumber cut and milled locally, pine on the inside and cypress on the outside.

The fireplace is our design and is home to Jonathan’s bob cat, his first archery kill. The deer mounts are from family hunters, and the fox and racoon were trapped just across the field. Sorry if you sympathize with the local wildlife, but we trapped the animals after they had killed several of our fowl.

Cabin Loft sleeps another four.

Cabin Loft sleeps another four.

Full kitchen in the cabin.

Full kitchen in the cabin.

The cabin is complete with WIFI. The cabin also has a full kitchen, microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher. Tankless hot water means that the teens can shower til they shrivel up or until you force them out of the shower. You also have access to the gas grill on the porch. And don’t forget to bring a fishing pole for catch and release fishing.

The pond house is ideal for small retreats, family gatherings, or special parties. Call for ideas and availability. We are considering hosting a few small spring weddings (March, April, May) and/or receptions for 60 people or less. Me and the head yard boss (Hank) have still got some discussions ahead of us about this.

The pond house is equipped with satellite TV, a DVD player, and a VCR. A few of our guests have even figured out how to get the antique nintendo working – go Mario. Queen, Double, and two twin beds sleep 6.

We take pets for an additional fee IF they meet our standards: Don’t chew on things, fully potty trained, NO fleas, don’t shed. Call as it is on an individual basis. Please don’t just show up unannounced with your pet!

We have wifi. We don’t have mediacom or providers such as that. We have a satellite provider and consequently we have limited data. You will need to limit using data (video, audio, downloads, etc.). You’re welcome to use unlimited data from 3 AM to 8 AM. (Yeh, I know. I generally sleep through that too!) But we have unlimited emails and surfing/shopping at supposedly high speeds. It’s really adequate unless you are that special someone who is totally spoiled with HIGH speeds and unlimited usage. (I’m trying not to be jealous here.) We can “zoom” and see others fine, but occasionally the upload speed will freeze YOU for those who are watching you.



The Pond House is $110/day for two guests. Please add $15 for each additional guest.

Payment options: A deposit is necessary to secure your room. You may send a check addressed to “Shalom House” using the address on the contact page. We can take a credit card or you may pay through PayPal at this address: shalomhousebnb(at)gmail(dot)com.


Please remember when contacting us via email to change the (at) to @ and the (dot) to a period. This deters spam for us.

For extended stays, please call for availability and rates.

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